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 What our guests say after holidaying with us. Many pay us the ultimate compliment of returning to stay with us again. Come along to Cloud Valley, Coorg, experience the wonder and magic of nature, and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Cloud Valley, Coorg  |  Testimonials

Coorg in the rains is recommended for those with poetry in their souls and romance in their blood.

Those few individuals who need to ‘connect’ with themselves, Nature, the divine . . . or their creativity.

A few days of cottage life in the monsoons, makes people feel so calm and rested, that they refer to it as 'Ayurveda through the eyes'. And 'Rain meditation'.

"First, the good qualities about this homestay: Peaceful, beautiful scenery with lots of trees, coffee plants, hills, a pond, and a river.

I enjoyed the long walk along the lazy river, with our host ever present to take care of anything I might need. Besides the refreshments, the food was true-blue, delicious Coorg cuisine!

The rooms are clean, spacious, and airy. Two beautiful doggies to give you company.

Bad qualities: Hem DO NOT SERVE SO MUCH OF FOOD!"

Anton V, Bangalore

"Our first trip to Coorg was a memorable one! We wanted to do something different for our honeymoon and decided to go to Cloud Valley instead of a usual resort.

When we reached Cloud Valley, it was so dark that we were not sure where we were. We were wondering if we had made the right decision to come here instead of going to a resort. The morning, however, put all our doubts to rest. We found ourselves bang in the middle of a coffee plantation! It was so beautiful and peaceful - something that we never ever experienced before!

Cloud Valley is just like home. Not a five-star place but will definitely give you a five-star feeling. Hem served us authentic, home-made, delicious Kodava food.

A small walk takes you to the banks of a lovely river and walking along its banks in the presence of Mother Nature was something that you definitely must experience!

In short, Cloud Valley is a simple place at a very affordable price with great ambience and super food.

We will visit again!"

Dean and Maria Monteiro, Hyderabad

"It sure was a great drive to Coorg, but even got better at the place we stayed, an old well-maintained homestay, Cloud Valley . . . indeed it was. Must say it was at least 100+ years and still well maintained

Keep up the great work Hem, who is very hospitable and cheering!

Cloud Valley was like another home as personally, I had the beck and call of the hosts who appeared every time from nowhere to help out as I had a 7-month baby with me. The kitchen was at our complete disposal for hot water and bottle washing.

The food - a little bit about it . . . great, authentic Kodava dishes both veg and non-veg style. But one caution, tell Hem to cook less food as the banquet was overflowing!!

Keep it up, Hem!"

Clifton Fernandez & Fly, Bangalore

"This place is like a home away from home in Coorg.

The "Old House" has 5 rooms and can comfortably accommodate 5 couples with kids. The rooms are very clean with comfortable large cots in 3 rooms. The house has a good living room for the family to get together and a good play area at the front.

This place is around 20 Km from Madikeri and is near to Talacauvery and Bhagamandala two must-visit places in Coorg. You can also reach out to other Western Coorg destinations easily.

The host Hem is very hospitable. He provides tasty Kodava food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all included in the package and cooked in an in-house kitchen.

If it's not raining, they arrange a campfire in the play area. Another unique attraction to this place is a river running close to this place (around 1 km) where you can take a dip into this clear stream and have fun.

I have visited this place 4 times with my family as well as with friends and enjoyed spending time and relaxing there.

It is a perfect place for a family getaway in Coorg!"

Sankara Narayan, Bengaluru

"After a long drive, stepping out from the car onto the vast open courtyard in Cloud Valley was awesome! The 100-plus-year-old bungalow on the top of a little hill and surrounded by trees on all sides is a visual treat.

Hem was very welcoming and the authentic Kodava food that we were served was excellent. He went out of his way to make our stay a comfortable and enjoyable one even making arrangements for a nature walk along the beautiful river and also for a bonfire at night."

Beverly and Douglas, Bangalore

"We went to Cloud Valley over a December weekend. The place is nearly 45-50 minutes from Madikeri town towards Talacauvery, however, the journey is beautiful and the destination even more so.

The food was great -  delicious, authentic Kodava dishes. The surrounding view was amazing and soothing at the same time. The cottage is right in the middle of a farm with coffee and pepper plantations. Not far from here, there is a rivulet (Cauvery) and a bit of free space. In the evening, a bonfire can be provided. Mr. Hem, the host, has a couple of pet dogs who will literally escort you to the rivulet and back!

This place is ideal for those who would want a break from city life, soak in some fresh air, view plantations and the variety of plants around, birdwatch, and trek. You can use the daytime for sightseeing around."

Abhishek Thakur, Bangalore

"If you are looking for a true getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, if you want to hide somewhere deep in the woods, this is the place. Can listen to morning chirping birds and see the sun's rays through the mist with a cool gentle breeze.

Heritage cottage (1895), with no city luxuries in a coffee estate and a few hundred meters from Cauvery stream to play in freshwater - truly blessed. Campfire is available too. Modestly priced homestay with all meals, coffee, and tea included.

Excellent hosting from the owner Hem, who was always available for help as well as assisted for most site seeing.

Serene and peaceful - worth it!"

Ankur G., Bengaluru

"For a large group, this is the perfect place to stay in Coorg. The old hunting lodge is too good. Looks old because it is old, but the rooms are clean, the beds are clean, the bathrooms are clean and the food is good. We enjoyed our stay. Mr. Hem has done a good job.

Important Tip: If you want to be really away from the crowd this is THE place to be!"

Unmaad, Bangalore

Looking for some well-deserved peace and quiet, away from your frenetic, fast-paced, stressed-out city life? Get to Cloud Valley, Coorg!

Cloud Valley is not a 'typical resort'. It is a wonderful, 'home-away-from-home' homestay. The rooms are cozy, warm, clean, and spacious. The Heritage Cottage is amazing - over a hundred years old and so well maintained!

The surroundings are just beautiful. You get to experience Nature at her very best! Hot Tip: visiting Cloud Valley in the rains is an awesome experience!

The food is delicious - authentic Kodava dishes. A special mention has to be made of the signature dish, Pandhi Kari. Absolutely divine!

Hem is a perfect host - always smiling, and always available to assist with anything! He is a treasure trove of information on Coorg - the stuff that you won't get from a travel brochure, so do spend time chatting with him.

We have made two trips to Cloud Valley and are looking forward to the next one!

Hilda & Denzil, Bangalore

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At Cloud Valley, Coorg, we make sure that you have a holiday to remember. Here, you will get all the comforts of home. You can also take part in several activities like nature walks, bird watching, trekking and more, or you can sit in the verandah of Cloud Valley and soak in the greenery, and the peace and quiet.

Whatever’s on your itinerary, you can be sure of a once-in-lifetime experience
at Cloud Valley, Coorg.  

Cloud Valley, Coorg  |  All the comforts of home
at Cloud Valley

Cloud Valley, Coorg is a typical Coorg plantation cottage from the British Raj, that gives you a glimpse of a quaint old-fashioned way of life!

At Cloud Valley, you can expect all the comforts of home.

Cloud Valley, Coorg  |  What to do at Cloud Valley
What you can do
at Cloud Valley

There's so much to experience at Cloud Valley! Walk along the banks of the River Cauvery, play Frisbee or Cricket, explore the rising and dipping country roads . . . or sit in the verandah of Cloud Valley and soak in the greenery, and the peace and quiet.

Cloud Valley, Coorg  |  What to see in Coorg
What to see
in Coorg

Coorg is a 360-degree visual spectacle. All of it is beautiful. Some of the attractions are - Talacauvery Hill, Abbey Falls, Bhagamandala Temple Complex, Tadiyendamol, Kopatti Maley, and Madikeri itself, with its many surrounding attractions.

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A typical Coorg plantation cottage, from the British Raj. Surrounded by estate with a valley in front. Quaintly styled, with a red tile roof and a large compound.