The Coffee Plantation Life

Coorg’s coffee planters and their fascinating way of life!

One of the best lifestyles in the world, even after the British Raj drew to a close in India, is that of the coffee planter.

Cloud Valley, Coorg  |  The Coffee Plantation Life

The British planter community were mostly Scots. It was they who affectionately called Coorg ‘The Scotland of India’ because of the many uncanny similarities.

Both Scotland and Coorg were cold, misty, mountainous regions. Both had potent local brews. Both peoples thought of themselves as being very distinct from their neighbours. They loved their independence, their dances, rough sport, a good hunt and a fierce fight.

Coorg offers a slow, quaint, old-fashioned way of life. Unbelievably far from the stress of office cubicles. Imagine, a work environment provided by Nature, not an architect.

Where Whisky is your dog’s name and brandy is your evening drink.

If you need to borrow a cup of sugar from your neighbour, you can't just walk across the corridor…you have to get into your jeep and go for a drive.

You live at an address with a name and not a number. Glenmore Estate, not No. 20, Main Street.

The postman never calls, you drive down to the post office.

While you have to look for a pen in the house, a gun always seems closer at hand.

Hunting stories and local legends, told around the warmth of the crackling fireplace, replace the 8 o'clock bad news with all its related stress.

The gentle and romantic world of coffee plantations is still here. 

Welcome to a charming and calming way of life.

Book Your Stay @ Cloud Valley, Coorg

At Cloud Valley, Coorg, we make sure that you have a holiday to remember. Here, you will get all the comforts of home. You can also take part in several activities like nature walks, bird watching, trekking and more, or you can sit in the verandah of Cloud Valley and soak in the greenery, and the peace and quiet.

Whatever’s on your itinerary, you can be sure of a once-in-lifetime experience
at Cloud Valley, Coorg.  

Cloud Valley, Coorg  |  All the comforts of home
at Cloud Valley

Cloud Valley, Coorg is a typical Coorg plantation cottage from the British Raj, that gives you a glimpse of a quaint old-fashioned way of life!

At Cloud Valley, you can expect all the comforts of home.

Cloud Valley, Coorg  |  What to do at Cloud Valley
What you can do
at Cloud Valley

There's so much to experience at Cloud Valley! Walk along the banks of the River Cauvery, play Frisbee or Cricket, explore the rising and dipping country roads . . . or sit in the verandah of Cloud Valley and soak in the greenery, and the peace and quiet.

Cloud Valley, Coorg  |  What to see in Coorg
What to see
in Coorg

Coorg is a 360-degree visual spectacle. All of it is beautiful. Some of the attractions are - Talacauvery Hill, Abbey Falls, Bhagamandala Temple Complex, Tadiyendamol, Kopatti Maley, and Madikeri itself, with its many surrounding attractions.

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A typical Coorg plantation cottage, from the British Raj. Surrounded by estate with a valley in front. Quaintly styled, with a red tile roof and a large compound.